Wednesday, May 18, 2011

days as a slave

     My owner told me to get something for him. I think it was some seeds for his garden. He told me to run and i did it so I wouldn't get whipped. I felt so angry that while I was out I wanted to escape...but I can't. When I came back he asked me why i didn't run. I explained that I did but he just started whipping me. When he looked at me and saw that i wasn't crying he started whipping me even harder!
    I have been in this slave prison for to long and suffered greatly. This time I will get out. I asked one of my prison mates to help me escape. I disguised  my self as a slave owner and I was able to get out! On my way I met a friendly white man who sends me to a "stop" on the under ground railroad. While I was at the stop, the same man and his wife gave me a warm meal, water, and a place to rest. I felt blessed.

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